Best Selling Batteries for Dog Collar

1. Camelion 20pk 4LR44 A544 A28PX 28A 7H34 6V Alkaline Batteries

20 4LR44 BatteriesType: Alkaline Voltage: 6V Diameter: 13.0 mm Height: 25.2 mm Also known as: PX28A, A544, 4LR44, K28A, V34PX, 7H34, 4NZ13, V4034PX, L1325, 4G13, 4034PX, PX28AB, 1414A.This 4LR44 (PX28A A544 L1325) is a popular Alkaline (Manganese Dioxide) cell that is commonly used in cameras and remote control devices.This 4LR44 (PX28A A544 L1325) battery is a popular replacement for the now discontinued PX28 mercury battery. These mercury batteries, no longer manufactured because of their toxicity, were variously known as PX28, 4MR44, V4034PX, 4H-C, 4NR44, HM-4C.SpecificationsOutput Voltage: 6V   Chemistry: Alkaline   Battery Size: 4LR44   Length: 25.2mm   Diameter: 13.0mm

Best Selling Dog Collar

1. High Tech Pet Microsonic 2 Plus Ultrasonic Transmitter Collar MS-2

The Microsonic 2 Plus ultrasonic transmitter collar is ideal for your self-sufficient modern pet. This lightweight collar fits most cats and dogs comfortably. Emitting a directional ultrasonic code, the collar automatically works with all High Tech Pet ultrasonic pet-controlled products, including all Power Pet electronic pet door models, Sound Barrier indoor sonic dog and cat fence and Yard Barrier outdoor sonic dog and cat fence. The collar\'s rugged and water-resistant build helps prevent damage. One lithium battery is included and typically lasts around 4-month. Replacement battery is High Tech Pet model B-2430.