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PET852 Bark Collar Product Description Upon your dog\’s first bark, this anti-bark collar will emit a short warning tone. If your dog barks again within 30 seconds, a louder warning tone will sound. Then if your dog barks again within another 30 seconds, a even louder warning tone will be issued along with a mild shock, the first and lowest level of correction. There are a total of 7 levels of correction that will be triggered by your dog\’s successive barks. Each successive bark will increase the correction level if the bark is within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark for at least 30 seconds the collar will reset itself. As a built-in safety feature, if the correction reaches the seventh level, the collar will shut off automatically for approximately 1 minute. For level 1~2, only warning tones will be issued; for level 3~7, warning tones are issued first and static shocks will ensue. By pushing the button + button or – button, you can adjust the collar\’s sensitivity to your dog\’s bark and the environment in which your dog lives. Push + button to increase sensitivity and push – button to decrease sensitivity. Product Video Demonstration: Operating Instructions: Our PET852 is almost completely automatic. Just install a 6 volt alkaline battery, adjust the strap to the size of your dog\’s neck and the PET852 automatically begins doing its job.There is a switch used to adjust the sensitivity to the bark and the sensitivity will gradually be enhanced or weakened. The more sensitive, the easier to trigger the collar. Putting Anti-bark Collar on Your Dog. Place the unit around your dog\’s neck and adjust the collar length using the slide buckle arrangement provides with the strap. The unit should fit snugly underneath your dog\’s neck.Make sure that the electrodes are in the direct contact with your dog\’s skin. Hair between the electrodes and skin will severely diminish the shock effect, If necessary, it is advisable to clip or shave your don\’s fur under the neck to insure direct contact. Bark Collar Features: 1.Collar Size: Able to fit small, medium, large dogs and puppies. 15 lbs or Larger. Durable and adjustable Nylon Collar Size length from 14 to 24 inches long2.Sensitivity Levels: 7 Sensitivity Levels3.Automatic Anti Bark Collar4.No programming required5.Auto Protection Mode to avoid over stimulating the dog6.Easy testing method to ensure proper operation of the Bark Collar Package Contents: 1 x Bark Collar Receiver1 x Nylon Stra1 x Set of Contact Points1 x 6V Battery1 x Test Light1 x Manua Caution Notes: 1. Do not allow your dog to chew this collar. You should also attempt to minimize scratching or clawing at the casing. 2. This device is made up of plastic and electronic components that are not digestible. Consult your local vet if your dog swallows any part of this product. 3. The collar is not intended for use as a restraining collar. If you are using a leash, use it with a separate restraining type of collar. 4. Although the Anti-bark Collar\’s microprocessor is designed to differentiate your dog\’s individual bark from stray environmental noises, the unit may occasionally be activated by other vibrations or sounds.This is normal but, it should not happen so often as to be confusing to your pet. If the unit is falsely triggered by excessive scratching, shaking of the head or rolling on the ground, your pet may be suffering from fleas or ear mites. If these activities are evident, have you pet checked by a veterinarian for parasites.
Automatic Anti Bark Collar7 Sensitivity Levels adjustable for different size of dogsĀ barking1 Year Warranty – US Phone/Email Support 1844-786-6887 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm