Invisible Fence Collar Compatible Heavy Duty Replacement Strap with the Rugged Lock-Easy Release Clip – Pink Dots | Medium Up to 18\” Neck (Also Compatible with Other Brands of Fence Collar)

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Replace your Invisible Fence brand collar strap with a high quality, rugged eXtreme Dog Fence® designer strap.

The strap on your dog\’s electric dog fence collar is an important factor in keeping your pet safe and contained within the boundaries of your underground dog fence system. Unfortunately, this is one part of the system that can become worn and shabby over time.

Whether it\’s the weather, or your dogs choose to chew on each other\’s straps, the collars were designed to allow for periodic strap replacement.

Our eXtreme Dog Fence® brand replacement straps incorporate the \”Rugged Lock – Easy Release\” clip system, to ensure that the collar stays on until you wish to remove it.
The fashionable designs will accommodate any personality from the tough and macho to the bourgeoisie. Keep your best pal safely contained, while the neighbor\’s dog peeks over with a jealous curiosity, at the runway-worthy neckware sported by your classy K9.

The eXtreme Dog Fence® replacement collar straps are compatible with the following receivers:

Invisible Fence:
• Invisible Fence Micro Lite
• Invisible Fence R21
• Invisible Fence R51
• Invisible Fence Fence Mink

eXtreme Dog Fence®:
• eXtreme Dog Fence® Standard
• eXtreme Dog Fence® Pro Grade

• PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Model IF-100
• PetSafe Ultralight Receiver PUL-250
• PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Receiver PUL-275
• PetSafe Stubborn Dog Receiver Model PRF-275-19
• PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar DBC-100
• PetSafe Standard Bark Control Collar
• PetSafe UL-275V
• PetSafe UL-275M
• PetSafe UL-275D
• PetSafe UL-250
• PetSafe RF-275

• Innotek SD-2225

Pet Guardian:
• Pet Guardian PG-250

Other Brands:
• Perimeter Technologies
• Dog Watch
• Contain A Pet
• Pet Stop