Simple Pet Wireless Electric Dog Fence

There\’s a reason that passionate pet lovers rely on Simple Pet keep pets safe, healthy and happy in the great outdoors…Nothing is more important than your furry friends\’ security when they\’re outside. But building a secure fence in your yard is expensive, time-consuming and impossible if you\’re a renter. That\’s where the Simple Pet wireless fence comes in – state-of-the-art technology lets you create an invisible fence in any outdoor space, regardless of shape or size.Here\’s how it works: Simply place the fence cord around the area where you want pets to stay, activate the wireless transmitter, put the waterproof collar on your dog and you\’re ready to go! It\’s important to note that the transmitter must be stored indoors near a wall where you can drill a small hole to feed wire through.All dogs are different, so we made sure you have complete control over the level of correction that\’s right for your dog. And because comfort and safety are paramount, all 5 levels of correction are delivered in a safe and humane way – the point is to gently teach your dog the limits, never to cause pain.And the set-up shouldn\’t be a pain either! All purchases come with an illustrated installation guide written in plain English as well as knowledgeable and reliable support representatives who personally respond to every message.One of the best features of Simple Pet\’s invisible fence is that it can be customized to fit the size and shape of your yard. Thanks to the powerful 25-acre transmitter signal, you don\’t have to worry about weak signals at the farthest points, even on huge properties. And with a half acre\’s worth of fence cord, you decide exactly what\’s off limits. You can even use the fencing system to make sure that curious pups don\’t get into gardens or children\’s play area.We know you\’ll love the Simple Pet invisible fencing system… a simple solution brought to you by Simple Pet, your partners in pet safety and care.